Poverty Films

An Escape from Poverty

A TED talk featuring Jacqueline Novogratz who tells the  story of an encounter in a Nairobi slum with a former prostitute, whose...
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Don’t Call Me a Saint

The story of the New York writer and Catholic anarchist, Dorothy Day, who at the height of the Depression unwittingly created what...
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Education in America

This 6 part series with Jonathan Kozol, provides insights about the injustice of poverty on children in poor neighborhoods around the country...
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Entertaining Angels

A feature film on the life of Dorothy Day, starring Moira Kelly, Martin Sheen, Heather Graham. Read more.  

Hard Earned

A six-part documentary series that follows five families around the country to find out what it takes to get by on eight,...
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Justice for the Poor

An introduction to the six-session DVD, designed for use with the Justice for the Poor Participant’s Guide from Jim Wallis and Sojourners....
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Poor America

A Top Documentary film looking at what it means to be poor in America, a reporter meets with school pupils who go...
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Poverty, Money and Love

A TED talk featuring Jessica Jackley, the co-founder of Kiva.org, who discusses how her attitude changed from “they” need “our” help, to...
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The End of Poverty?

Explains how today’s financial crisis is a direct consequence of unchallenged policies that have lasted centuries. Read more.  

The Same Heart

Follows a growing number of global economists, joining their voices with moral leaders of the world. They agree that an extremely small...
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Urban Entry

Produced by Mile High Ministries, offers contemporary insights into the complex issues of poverty that communities are facing all around the country....
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Wage Crisis

Created by Top Documentary Films. Looks at the financial situation of the workers in New Jersey and how their take home pay...
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Wealth Inequality in America

Info-graphics on the distribution of wealth in America, highlighting both the inequality and the difference between our perception of inequality and the...
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