Peace Films

Culture of Peace and Nonviolence

A resource of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), a commitment to peace-building, mediation, conflict prevention and resolution, peace...
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In Our Son’s Name

Documentary that further violence does not ease the pain of victims’ family members and that we must above all work to maintain...
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One Day of Peace

A TED talk featuring Jeremy Gilley, who tells the story of  persuading the world to try living in peace for just one...
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Orange Sky

A music video from Alexi Murdoch about the interconnection of all people. Read more.

Peace Be With You

A 30 minute documentary by Peter Stewart that includes quotes, images and interviews from members of Pax Christi and other social justice...
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Peace Depends on Dignity

In a speech to diplomats, Pope Francis speaks about the importance of respecting human dignity to achieve peace. Read more.

Peace Works

A short video that features people at schools in Milwaukee sharing what they like about Marquette University’s Peace Works program and how...
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Sun Dust and Hope

Tells the story of SAKALA, a peace education program started by Pax Christi in Haiti in the face of extreme poverty and...
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The Empathic Civilization

A short animation that asks the question: “Can we extend our empathy to the entire human race, fellow creatures and biosphere?” If...
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The Interrupters

A resource from PBS Frontline, this documentary presents profiles in courage, as three former street criminals in Chicago place themselves in the...
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When the Heron Flies

In the demilitarized zone (DMZ), a North Korean soldier and a South Korean ornithologist young woman are lost in admiration at a...
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