Forgiveness Websites

Fellowship of Reconciliation

Seeks the resolution of conflict nonviolently by the united efforts of people of many faiths, with reconciliation and compassionate actions that integrate faith...
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Fetzer Institute

Helps catalyze and support a broad-scale, spiritually grounded transformation from an ego-centered way of being grounded in separation and fear to an...
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Global Citizen

Asocial action platform for a global community committed to social change and to solve the world’s biggest challenges and what matters most. Read...
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Journey Films

More than 30 documentary films specializing in religion, faith and spirituality, such as the communities of Taize and L’Arche, biographical documentaries on Cardinal Bernardin, Dietrich...
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Psychology Tools

Provides a variety of resources of looking at forgiveness as a way to mental and emotional health. Read more.

The Forgiveness Project

Collects and shares real stories of forgiveness to build understanding, encourage reflection and enable people to reconcile with the pain and move...
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