Housing Prayers

O God of Mercy:

We hear the persistent call to feed the hungry and find shelter for the homeless. Stir our hearts to move more deeply in our walk with Jesus.

Help us answer the question, “Why do we feel comfortable living beyond our needs when others do not have their basic needs met?”

Help us not be hypocrites of lip service but the disciples of action.

Keep our hearts soft enough to keep hearing the cry of the hungry and the homeless.


Donald Wester

Dear God,

Watch over your children, especially those with no homes to return to at the end of long and weary days. Protect them from all harm and keep them from despair. Open the hearts and eyes of those of us with blessings to share. Unite our voices in a call for justice: So that no man need ever lay down for the night on a wooden park bench because he has no home; So that no woman need ever tuck her children into the backseat of her car because she has no home; So that no child need ever wonder, “Where will I feel safe?” because he has no home; So that all those who wander and all who are in need, find the shelter and the peace they seek.Remind us, O God, that we cannot rest fully secure in our homes each night until all your children are, at last, home.


Andrea Goldstein

Heavenly Father,

As we come before You again this day, we want to thank You for Your goodness and the love that You have shown to us. We thank You for your love and mercy that you extend to each of us. We want to pray for the homeless people in our area and the people who have a heart for the homeless and dedicate their efforts to help those that are going through a hard time. Some are homeless by choice and others are homeless because of situations beyond their control. It makes no difference to You Lord, You love us all the same and no one is better than the other. Lord, You promised to supply our needs, and we are asking You to be mindful of people who don’t have a home of their own. Lord, would You make a way for them, would You supply people to help them in their struggles? Would You speak love into their hearts and encourage Your people to share the riches You have let them borrow for a time? Lord, only You know what each person needs and we are asking You to take care of Your people. In the name of Jesus, we pray. Thanking You for hearing and answering our prayers. Lord, let us not do less than what You would have us do. We love You Lord, Amen.

Paul Butler

Holy One, Giver of blessings that nurture the earth and feed our bodies and souls, we offer now our thanks for the abundance that surrounds us:

For the harvest of which we partake,
For the many hands that make light the work of helping our sisters and brothers,
For those who are in need, who gladden our hearts by allowing us to be of use.

With spirits raised by all this, we are so bold as to ask even more:

We pray for more caring hands,
For the equitable sharing of the riches of the harvest,
For more affordable housing,
For more people of faith willing to put their faith into action,
And for our lives to be constant prayers that all may be safe, warm, and loved.

So may it be.

David Keyes

Dear God Almighty, Lord of hosts … we praise You today for Your overarching goodness and mercy, specifically and graciously located in Your Son and our Savior Christ Jesus.

Because of Him, we confidently believe that whether we live or die, we will be with You. On this particular day in which You have called us to live, we lift up to You those who are hungry and malnourished, as well as those who are without shelter. Lord, have mercy upon them. Use Your people to assist them in receiving exactly what they need today. And, in Your mercy, provide the means to sustain them with the necessities of life from this day

We are confident that You hear and will answer our prayer, for we lay it before You in the name of Jesus Christ.


John Jameson

Dear Lord,

We reverence you as the God of mercy, grace and provision. We thank you for the strength you give us each day. Lord, we intercede for those that do not have shelter of their own. Lord, bless them with protection from the elements, bless them to have sufficiency of food and clothing, bless them with joy and peace of mind. We know you are able to protect your people and supply our every need. Deliver the homeless to have their own residence and to bless them with the security of your love and protection each day.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Larry Jones

O God, Make your compassion known to those who are suffering from lack. Remember especially the young, aged, and otherwise vulnerable among us. We pray most of all that they would experience your love toward them and that you be their protection and provision in time of need. Fill their hearts with the warmth of your hope and the light of your love.

Move on us, Lord, to be agents of your provision. Stir the hearts of the more fortunate among us with the knowledge that when we feed and clothe those in need, we are clothing and feeding You. (Mt 25:34-46).


Bill Woodruff

Father, we ask you to open our eyes and be sensitive to your spirit. Help us to have the heart and mind of Christ. Teach us to be aware of the needs of your people.

Father, one person can make a difference. Help us to be that one. When we feed and clothe your children, we are feeding and clothing Jesus. Bless all the ones who labor to make a difference in this world.

Most of all, we thank you, God, for caring and loving us and sending your son to die on the cross for each and everyone of us.


Tim Naylor

Shelter us, O Lord, and give us the compassion and knowledge to help others in their search for shelter.

Help us to be a compassionate presence to those we meet.

Continue to bless us, O Lord, with night sites that make comfort and joy realities for our families and volunteers who radiate God’s love.

And, as Mother Teresa said: “Each time people come into contact with us, they must become different and better people because of having met us.”


Stephanie Turck

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