Water Access Prayers

O God, who causes streams to flow in the wilderness and the desert to blossom as a rose, look mercifully, we beg you, on the plight of those who lack access to safe drinking water. You have bestowed upon us mercy that surpasses human comprehension already in the sacrifice of your Son. Yet we beseech you, the Father of all mercies, to supply nonetheless the needs of those deprived of clean water to drink.

This problem, O God, far exceeds the capacities of human ingenuity, and we can hope to combat it effectively only through your gracious assistance. Heavenly Father, grant the prayers of the poorest human beings, including many of your own people, for water that will slake their thirst without wracking their bodies with disease. In caring for the bodies of the poorest, O God, have mercy as well upon their souls, and let our prayers, their nourishment, and every facet of your creation abound greatly to your glory. These things we ask in Christ’s name. Amen.

Cornwall Alliance

Dear God, touch the precious little ones. Give them Your strength to fight off the illnesses that wrack their bodies. 

Dear God, You promise in Psalm 23 to be close beside us and protect us even as we walk through the darkest valley. We claim this promise for those who trek to get water for their families. Stay close to them, strengthen them, and protect them. 

Dear God, the elements are in Your control. We thank You for an end to drought and we pray that families will have enough rain to grow food crops. 

Dear God, remind us of Your command to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. Don’t let us rest until we know we have done everything we can to meet this basic need for others. 

Dear God, give wisdom to your people as we seek to bring clean water and other lifesaving interventions to millions more families around the globe. Thank You for equipping those who love You as they bring new health and opportunities to the world’s most vulnerable.

World Vision Magazine

Loving God, whose son Jesus Christ called all who were thirsty to come to him, believe and drink, look in mercy on your people living in dry lands, and struggling to survive without access to safe drinking water.

Forgive our selfishness in life and our misuse of our natural resources. We commit ourselves to value and care for your gifts to us.

May rivers of living water and practical compassion for all who suffer flow out from our hearts. Refreshed by your Spirit, and following in the way of Jesus Christ, we will continue to serve you in the people and creation entrusted to our care.


Caritas Australia

Jesus, source of living water, we pray for all those who do not have access to clean drinking water. Purify, protect, and multiply their water sources, that they may — without fear of harming themselves or their children — find nourishment. Amen.


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