Religious Intolerance Quotes

Religious Intolerance

Blaming terrorism on Islam is like blaming Christianity for colonialism (or slavery, genocide or world war)


9/11 caused a lot of non-Muslims to convert to Islam. Why? Because they tried reading the Quran to find evil, but all they found was peace.

Ali Abed

If the virgin Mary appears wearing a veil on all of her pictures, how can you ask me to sign a hijab ban law?

Roberto Maroni

Islamophobia has become so mainstream in this country that Americans have been trained to expect violence against Muslims – not excuse it, but expect it. And that’s happened because we have an Islamophobia industry in this country devoted to making Americans think there’s an enemy within.

Reza Aslan

Abraham had eight sons–not one. All eight sons bring something to the table. Abraham loved all of his sons. He was a good father who made sure all his sons were literate, of good character and shared a common ideology with their father, Abraham. Abraham did good. Where did we go wrong?

Michael Ben Zehabe

The glorification of hatred is predicated on a foundation of fear-induced ignorance venomous to haters and those they believe they hate.


On behalf of my outraged Christian conscience, I raise my voice in protest [against the treatment of Jews], and I assert that all men, Aryans and non-Aryans, are brothers because they have been created by the same God; that all men, whatever their race or religion, have the right to be respected by individuals and states. The present anti-Semitic pressures flout human dignity and violate the most sacred rights of the human person and family.

Bishop Pierre-Marie Theas