80,000 Hours

80000 Hours

A nonprofit organization that provides research and support to help students and graduates switch into careers that effectively tackle the world’s most pressing problems. 80,000 is based on the number of working hours in an average person spends on their career: 40 years x 50 weeks x 40 hours. Offers:

  1. Online guides — which cover key ideas, such as how to compare careers in terms of impact, which global problems are most pressing, ideas for new high-impact career paths, and how to make a career plan
  2. Podcast — in-depth interviews about the world’s most pressing problems, and how one can help solve them
  3. Job board — with current opportunities to work on big and neglected problems and build skills
  4. One-on-one advice — which helps engaged readers enter the paths that are best for them, by helping them make an individual plan and by making introductions to mentors, jobs and funding.

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