Corporate Responsibility Program

Benedictine Sisters of Boerne

A ministry of the Benedictine Sisters of Boerne that addresses actions and behaviors of the corporations in which the Sisters hold stock. The program uses the power of stock ownership to raise critical issues with management, workers, boards of directors and the public. Some of the issues raised, using resolutions and dialogue, include:

  • Human rights policies and policy implementation
  • Pay disparity between executives and lowest-paid workers
  • Access to and affordability of health care
  • Working conditions, especially in foreign factories supplying US goods
  • Diversity on corporate boards of directors
  • Antibiotics in the food supply chain
  • Drug pricing, especially as it affects access to medicines
  • The human right to water as it relates to corporate pollution and overuse
  • Ecological issues such as greenhouse gas emissions, the implications of hydraulic fracturing (fracking), transparency regarding toxins and carcinogens in products and climate change and its impact on the most vulnerable.

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