Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development

Dicastery for Promoting Intergral Human Development

A department of the Vatican, that promotes the integral development of the person in light of the Gospel and in line with the Social Doctrine of the Church. It dedicates particular attention to taking care of the goods of justice, peace and the safeguarding of Creation, as well as issues regarding disarmament, human rights, human mobility, health and charitable works. In addition, the Dicastery follows issues regarding the necessities of those who are forced to abandon their own countries or those who are without one, the marginalized, the victims of armed conflicts and natural disasters, prisoners, the unemployed and victims of contemporary forms of slavery and torture and other people whose dignity is at risk.

The Dicastery is divided into four areas: Management; Research and Study; Pastoral Works and Diakonia; Migrants and Refugees. All these areas cooperate towards reaching the goals of the Dicastery in the fields of the Margins of Humanity, Safeguarding Creation, Faith and Integral Development.  Resources include: videos, documents, projects, events etc. Learn more.