Faith & Poverty: A Solidarity Response

Faith & Poverty - A Solidarity Response

The second of the three-part Faith & Poverty small group program series from JustFaith Ministries, examines what creates and what perpetuates poverty in our society. Looks at factors such as workers rights, housing, addiction and health care. Explores local poverty and introduces participants to tips and tools they need to respond. The program consists of eight 2-hour sessions, in which participants navigate questions such as: “Why are the poor poor?”, “Why don’t people in poverty just get a job?’”, “What are some common hurdles that people in poverty face?”, and “What are some practical tools for alleviating poverty in my community?” In addition to the readings, group members engage in prayer and spiritual practices throughout the week and emerge better equipped to help alleviate poverty in their communities, as well as stand in solidarity with those experiencing poverty. Learn more.