Green Investing: More Than Being Socially Responsible: A Practical Guide for Busy Investors

Green Investing

By J Patrick Costello. Shows how to implement a socially responsible and sustainable investment (SRI) strategy and earning a competitive return without spending an inordinate amount of time by introducing the concept of “Green” investing, which is fundamentally about investor empowerment and provides the following: Clear definitions of what Socially Responsible (SRI), Sustainable, and Impact investing are all about, 2) Current objective performance information demonstrating that there is no need for SRI investors to make a financial sacrifice, 3) Practical step-by-step guidelines investors can use to add Socially Responsible and Sustainable investing strategies to their portfolios, 4) Concise explanations of the differences and similarities among popular investment vehicles such as mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs) and separate accounts, 5) An overview of the science behind the construction of a diversified, risk-adjusted investment portfolio, 5) An analysis of the influence of Wall Street firms and large national banks on the investing environment, 6) A discussion of the impact of the financial media on the decision-making process of the long-term investor, and 7) Detailed descriptions of the professional training and standards of care offered by financial professionals with titles such as Financial Advisor, Investment Consultant, Certified Financial Planner(tm) all providing objective data showing that an investor does not have to sacrifice performance in order to add an SRI element to his or her investment strategy. Read more.