Grow and Hide: The History of America’s Health Care State

Grow and Hide

By Colleen M. Grogan. A sweeping history of the American health care state that reveals the public has been intentionally misled about the true role of government. Holds that the US created a publicly financed system — while framing it as the opposite — in what the author terms the “grow-and-hide regime.” Points out that the state’s role is larger than ever, yet it remains largely hidden because stakeholders — namely private actors and their allies in government — have repeatedly, and successfully, presented the illusion of minimal government involvement. The consequences of this narrative are scarce accountability and a highly unequal distribution of benefits. The author argues that America has never had a system that resembles a competitive, free-market model and given how much the government already invests in the health care system, means how these funds are distributed and administered are fundamental political questions for the American public — not questions that should be decided by the private sector. Asserts that if we want to fix care in America, we need to reimagine the way it is organized, prioritized, funded, and, perhaps most importantly, discussed. Read more.