Inside Out Network (ION)

Inside Out Network

The Inside Out Network (ION) is a statewide network of service providers, churches, ministries, volunteers, and advocates that offers a way to help returning citizens navigate reentry. The ION website is an interactive platform and the key meeting place.  After creating a personal or organizational profile (inmates can be enrolled and create a personal profile while in prison), users can log in and go to one of three main areas to interact: Search Center, Message Center, and the HUB.

  • Search Center. Helps returning citizens search for service providers by category in their area. They can use a smart phone or computer to find directions, a phone number, and a link to the provider’s website. They will also be able to send messages to the provider. Users can save lists of their favorite providers and access helpful tips for a successful reentry experience.
  • Message Center. This allows returning citizens to check their inbox for messages and notifications from service providers, as well as compose and send new messages. Service providers can receive notifications when a new returning citizen is released into their service area and are able to send and receive messages from returning citizens and other service providers.
  • The HUB. This is a private area (not accessible to returning citizens) where all the service providers, churches, volunteers, and advocates can interact directly with each other. Users can create or join all kinds of specialized groups such as: all volunteers at a particular prison, people working with female inmates, or churches working with sex offenders. Users can also post to a discussion thread to solicit advice, learn best practices, meet pressing needs, or make referrals.

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