Our Hidden Conversations: What Americans Really Think About Race and Identity

Our Hidden Conversations

By Michele Norris. A unique compilation of stories, essays, and photographs providing a window into America during a tumultuous era. Based on over a half million responses to the The Race Card Project over the past 12 years that asked for: Race. Your Thoughts. Six Words. Please Send. Offers an honest, if sometimes uncomfortable, conversation about race and identity, permitting readers to eavesdrop on deep-seated thoughts, private discussions, and long submerged memories. The stories are surprising in their depth and candor, spanning the full spectrum of race, ethnicity, identity, and class. Even at just six words, the micro-essays reveal, fear, pain, triumph, and sometimes humor. Other responses went beyond the six words, submitting backstories, photos, and heirlooms providing a collection much like a scrapbook of American candor rarely seen. This panorama provides a rare 360-degree view of how Americans see themselves and one another.

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