Practice the Pause: Jesus’ Contemplative Practice, New Brain Science, and What It Means to Be Fully Human

Practice the Pause

By Caroline Oakes. Discusses new developments in brain science that show an intentional practice of pausing for a few minutes of meditation, prayer, or other contemplative practice actually rewires our brain in ways that make us calmer, less reactive, and better able to see the bigger picture. Suggests that this supports what most spiritual traditions have been saying for millennia: by practicing a pause, we become more self-aware and better able to understand others. We become more “God aware.” Focuses on the Eastern Christian understanding of Jesus as a master of wisdom and shines a spotlight on Jesus’s own centering pause practice as a transformative path for personal and social change. Shows how even a seven-second pause practice can move us beyond the fight-or-flight responses of our egos in our daily lives and actually equip us to cultivate the common good in the world. Learn more.