The 1619 Project: A New Origin Story

The 1619 Project

Edited by Nikole Hannah-Jones, Caitlin Roper, Ilena Silverman and Jake Silverman. An expansion on The New York Times Magazine’s award-winning “1619 Project,” placing slavery and its continuing legacy at the center of the national narrative. Weaves together eighteen essays that explore the legacy of slavery in present-day America with thirty-six poems and works of fiction that illuminate key moments of oppression, struggle, and resistance. These essays show how the inheritance of 1619 reaches into every part of contemporary American society, from politics, music, diet, traffic, and citizenship to capitalism, religion, and our democracy itself. Speaks to the current moment, contextualizing the systems of race and caste within which America operates today, revealing long-glossed-over truths around the nation’s founding and construction—and the way that the legacy of slavery did not end with emancipation, but continues to shape contemporary American life. Read more.