The False White Gospel: Rejecting Christian Nationalism, Reclaiming True Faith, and Refounding Democracy

The False White Gospel

By Jim Wallis. Calls on Christians to reject and help dismantle a false gospel that propagates white supremacy and autocracy. Argues that believers need to raise up the faith of all of us, and help those who are oblivious, stuck, and captive to the ideology and idolatry of White Christian Nationalism. Focuses on six iconic texts at the heart of what genuine biblical faith means and what Jesus, in the gospels, has called us to do and asks readers if they believe these teachings or not. Asserts that when we see a civic promotion of fear, hate, and violence for the trajectory of our politics, we need a civic faith of love, healing, and hope to defeat it. Holds that learning to practice a politics of neighbor love will be central to the future of democracy in America. Read more.