The Grace of Enough: Pursuing Less and Living More in a Throwaway Culture

The Grace of Enough

By Haley Stewart. Drawing from Pope Francis’s encyclical on the environment, Laudato Si’, identifies elements of Catholic social teaching to help readers overcome the effects of today’s “throwaway” culture and experience a deeper satisfaction and stronger faith. Explains how a year-long internship on a sustainable farm changed her family’s life for the better, allowing them to live gospel values more intentionally. She shares essential elements of intentional Christian living that her family discovered and that they continue to practice today such as:

  • living simply
  • offering hospitality
  • reviving food culture and the family table
  • reconnecting with the land
  • nurturing community
  • prioritizing beauty
  • developing a sense of wonder
  • being intentional about technology
  • seeking authentic intimacy
  • centering life around home, family, and relationships

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