Things That Matter: Overcoming Distraction to Pursue a More Meaningful Life

Things That Matter

By Joshua Becker. Helps readers identify the obstacles—such as fear, technology, money, possessions, and the opinions of others—that keep us from living with intention, and provides practical ideas for letting go of those distractions today so we can focus on what matters most. Uses practical exercises and questions, insights from a nationwide survey, and success stories to provide motivation to:

Identify the pursuits that matter most
Align our dreams with our daily priorities
Recognize how money and possessions keep us from happiness
Become aware of how others’ opinions of us influence our choices
Embrace what we’re truly passionate about instead of planning that next escape
Figure out what to do with all those emails, notifications, and pings
Let go of past mistakes and debilitating habits

It is a book about living well. It’s about overcoming the chatter of a world focused on all the wrong things. It’s about rethinking the common assumptions of today to find satisfaction and fulfillment tomorrow. Read more.