We the Taxpayers: An Interfaith Conversation

We the Taxpayers

A Network Education Program, featuring 5 videos that focus on:

1: Faith, Justice and… Taxes?

What Christianity, Islam, and Judaism have to say about taxes and how faith can inform our reflections on a just tax system.

2: The Taxes We Pay 

The different kinds of taxes and how different types of income are taxed at different rates.

3: The Taxes We Don’t Pay

What are tax loopholes? Highlights how tax breaks can benefit different groups of people or incentivize particular activities or behaviors.

4. What Taxes Can Do

What do our tax dollars pay for? Highlights how communities can benefit from the many important programs and services funded by a just tax system.

5. Values to Tax By

What does a just tax system look like? Highlights the essential features of a tax system for the common good, inspired by a faith justice tradition.

A printed companion Facilitator Guide is also available.

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