Welfare Church Teaching

Church Teaching

There are needs and common goods that cannot be satisfied by the market system. It is the task of the state and of all society to defend them. An idolatry of the market alone cannot do all that should be done.

Pope Pius XI

The USCCB supports policies that protect human life and dignity, strengthen families, encourage and reward work, preserve a safety net for the vulnerable, and build public/private partnerships to overcome poverty. Federal policies should form a “Circle of Protection” around programs that serve poor and vulnerable people in our communities and avoid placing additional burdens on people and families struggling to live in dignity.

U.S. Conference of Catholics Bishops

I ask you to ensure humanity is served by wealth and not ruled by it.

Pope Francis

Individual initiative alone and the mere free play of competition could never assure successful development. One must avoid the risk of increasing still more the wealth of the rich and the dominion of the strong, while leaving the poor in their misery and adding to the servitude of the oppressed.

Pope Paul VI

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