Refugees Films

4.1 Miles

A short documentary about a coast guard captain on a small Greek island of Lesbos that is suddenly charged with saving thousands...
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Dalya’s Other Country

A feature length documentary that tells the story of members of a family displaced by the Syrian conflict who are remaking themselves...
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Dying to Live

Explores why migrants leave their homes and what they face in their journey. Read more.

Freedom Stories

A documentary that brings together a collection of personal stories from former asylum seekers in Australia at a time of great political...
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God Grew Tired of Us

National Geographic documentary on the civil war in Sudan and plight of thousands of the “Lost Boy” refugees. Read more.

Gospel Without Borders

A documentary from Ethics Daily, that separates myth from fact, examines what the Bible says about treatment of the “stranger,” shows the...
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Human Flow

A documentary filmed in 23 countries that chronicles the journeys of individuals and families in various countries as they experience displacement on...
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In the Shadow of the Raid

Tells the story of what happened when immigration agents stormed a kosher meat plant in the heartland of America, arresting nearly 400...
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Kawergosk: Home Made of Cloth

An account of perseverance of Iraqi refugees attempting to build a life in the Kawergosk Refugee Camp. Watch the trailer.


An Oscar nominated documentary that highlights the work of volunteers from a German nonprofit as they try to rescue refugees from sinking...
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Lives for Sale

Shows why immigrants are willing to risk everything — even virtual slavery — for the American Dream. Read more.

Paper Children

A documentary that explores America’s invisible refugee crisis through the eyes of one Miami family who navigates a broken system with unwavering...
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An award-winning feature-length documentary that follows a leader in a white nationalist hate group who finds healing from the people he once...
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Refugee Vetting 101

A short video from NPR featuring Deb Amos, that describes the exhaustive process refugees go through before being allowed to enter the...
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Sanctuary Movement

A 10 minute documentary from PBS, that reports on the current sanctuary movement from Southside Presbyterian Church in Tucson, Arizona where it...
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The Global Refugee Crisis

Makes the case that the US should be doing more to take responsibility of the humanitarian crisis. Read more.

White Helmets

The British short documentary film that won the Academy Award in 2017, follows the daily operations of a group of volunteer rescue...
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