Economic Justice Websites

Agricultural Missions, Inc.

An ecumenical organization that accompanies rural peoples in their efforts to address the structural causes of impoverishment and injustice in their communities....
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Alliance for Global Justice

A campaign for labor rights that mobilizes grassroots support throughout the United States to promote economic and social justice by campaigning to...
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Center for Responsible Lending

Conducts research on the extent and impact of predatory lending, to provide useful information to consumers, community advocates, and policymakers alike. They...
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Children Defense Fund

Works to ensure a level playing field for all children by championing policies and programs that lift children out of poverty; protect...
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Films for the Planet

A streaming online platform providing environmental and social action films. Members have access to content for social impact, perpetual learning and community...
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Global Citizen

Asocial action platform for a global community committed to social change and to solve the world’s biggest challenges and what matters most. Read...
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Global Economic Inequality

A resource from Our World in Data, offers charts on population by income level, global inequality in living conditions, child mortality and...
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Human Development Index

A resource from the United Nations Development Program that provides scores for countries on advancing human wellbeing. Looks at expanding the richness...
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Jubilee USA Network

Works to build an economy that serves, protects and promotes participation of the most vulnerable. Click here for more information.

Just Neighbors

Through media, role playing, simulations and guided discussions, this 9 part program from Family Promise examines the root causes of poverty in...
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JustFaith Ministries

Offers programs and resources to people of faith to sustain them in their compassionate commitment to build a more just and peaceful...
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Living Wage Calculator

A service of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, provides a way to estimate what it costs to live in each state. Click here...
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Our World in Data

Provides research and data to make progress against the world’s largest problems such as: poverty, disease, hunger, climate change, war, existential risks,...
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Oxfam International

A group of independent nongovernmental organizations dedicated to fighting and related injustice around the world. Click here for more information.

Pax Romana

A resource of the International Catholic Movement for Intellectual & Cultural Affairs Movement, on social justice issues such as: the economy, society,...
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A national research and action institute grounded in the conviction that equity – just and fair inclusion – must drive all policy...
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Prosperity Now

Believes that “prosperity” starts with financial security—not being one paycheck away from financial disaster. It gains momentum with financial stability – having...
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Public Citizen

Seeks to ensure that all Americans can enjoy economic security, a clean environment, safe food, medicines and products, access to quality affordable...
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Responsible Jewellery Council

The world’s leading standard setting organization for the jewelry and watch industry. Promotes standards that underpin people’s trust in the worldwide jewelry...
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Responsible Wealth

A project of United for a Fair Economy, Responsible Wealth is a network of business leaders, investors, and inheritors in the richest 5%...
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Richter Videos

Creates documentaries & films on a wide variety of subjects such as: social & political history, biographies, developing nations, economics, the environment,...
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Slave Free Chocolate

A coalition to increase awareness through campaigns and education, to end child slavery and the worst forms of child labor in the...
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Encourages Christians to put their faith into action in the passionate pursuit of social justice, peace, and environmental stewardship through resources like...
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Study, Think, Act, Respond Together. Promotes a way to study and work together with others to create a better world. Learn more...
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Statistic Brain

Provides accurate and timely statistics on a wide variety of subjects. Click here for more information about the world’s most wealthy people....
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The Millennium Project

A United Nations initiative that highlights the progress countries have made in eradicating extreme poverty. Click here for more information.

The Raising of America

An integrated media/public engagement project that aims to re-frame the way Americans look at early child health and development in relation to...
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Unidos US

Formerly known as NCLR—Unidos is a nonpartisan voice for Latinos. They serve the Hispanic community through research, policy analysis, and state and...
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United Church of Christ

The church’s mission is to change lives — individually, systemically and globally. Learn more.  

United for a Fair Economy (UFE)

Exposes and challenges the deep-seated systemic causes of inequality: institutionalized racism, low wages, exorbitant CEO compensation, regressive tax policies, and more. Engages...
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World Economic Forum

An independent global institution, focused on global issues and committed to improving the world through public-private partnership by connecting leaders of business...
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